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Wincore Door Installation in Indianapolis, IN

If your home is several decades old, replacing the exterior doors is a great way to make your house more energy efficient in a relatively easy way. However, the type of exterior doors you choose will make all the difference in how much of an energy improvement you can expect. When you’re searching for a high-quality exterior door brand, consider Wincore doors, which is recognized as one of the leading options on the market. 

Below, you’ll learn more about the different options available from Wincore and what sets this brand apart from competitors. If you’d like to request a free quote for your exterior door installation, our experts at Aztec Homes are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 317-769-3237 or contact us online today to get started.

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When to Install Wincore Doors

Are you trying to decide whether you need to replace your exterior doors or if you can put it off a little longer? There are a few indicators that can let you know it’s time to schedule a replacement. If you notice any of the following signs, you should plan to replace your exterior doors with models from Wincore sooner rather than later. 

  • You see obvious signs of damage: If you look at your door and see cracks, dents, rust, holes, or signs of water damage, it often means that your door can no longer work properly. Don’t wait before the damage gets worse to schedule your replacement. 
  • Your door is hard to open and close: When you notice that it’s harder than normal to open and close your door, it could be a sign that there are small gaps around the frame or a misalignment in the door jamb caused by warping.
  • You feel drafts coming in around your door: A drafty exterior door allows outside air to enter your home. This causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should and leads to higher energy bills.

Types of Wincore Entry Doors

Wincore specializes in high-quality fiberglass entry doors, offering a wide variety of options that will appeal to almost any homeowner. You can learn more about each of their options below so it’s easier for you to decide which one is right for your needs. 

Solid Doors

If you want a classic and traditional front door that will never go out of style, you’ll love Wincore’s solid options. While they have no glass inserts, they feature different panel designs and surface textures so you can customize the look of your entry. 

Doors With Glass

Let sunlight fill your entryway with Wincore’s line of decorative glass entry door options. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, you can choose a glass door with internal or external grids, behind-the-glass blinds, and more. This option allows you to let natural light into your home while still giving you privacy. 

Craftsman Style Doors

Do you have a Craftsman-style house? If so, Wincore has the perfect entry door options to complement your siding style and color. These doors can feature Low-E or decorative glass and an optional Dentil shelf for a classic Craftsman appearance that you’ll love. 

French Double Doors

Are you looking to make a statement with your front door? Consider French double doors from Wincore, which feature an astragal pre-assembled in the frame. When locked, this keeps one door locked in place, or you can unlock the astragal so both doors can open and close.

Wincore Sliding Patio Doors

Your entry door is not the only one you should think about replacing over the years. Installing new sliding patio doors can also improve your home’s efficiency and help create a more inviting outdoor space. Let’s explore the different patio door options available from Wincore.

7700 Series

Available in two, three, or four panels, this series can fit in standard and custom openings. These doors feature fusion-welded sash panels, which help to keep out water and air for superior performance. 

5400 Series

While the 5400 Series doors are only available in two-panel configurations, they feature airtight mitered corners for excellent efficiency. They also have a multi-point lock for extra security and a steel lock and strike plate for added durability. 

500 Series

The 500 Series doors are available in two-panel and three-panel options and feature double-strength tempered glass, making them a high-performance option. They also have nylon wheels on a raised rail, resulting in a quiet and smooth operation.

400 Series

Also available as a two-panel or three-panel door, this series has reinforced sash profiles for extra strength and rigidity. To ensure a watertight, energy-efficient seal, the doors in this series also feature multiple weatherstripping around each panel. 

Bypass Sliding Patio Doors

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of natural light in your home? Consider bypass sliding doors, which feature a double roller track in either three-panel or six-panel configurations. These doors allow an unobstructed view into your backyard space along with excellent thermal performance and two-level drainage for added efficiency. 

Hinged Patio Doors

Wincore’s hinged patio doors are available in a configuration of two or three panels. If you choose the two-panel option, one panel will remain fixed in place while the other is operational. With a three-panel option, two of the panels will stay fixed in place. Complete the setup with a heavy-duty fiberglass mesh screen, available in seven color options.

What Sets Wincore Doors Apart?

Are you curious about what has made Wincore one of the top names to trust when it comes to exterior doors? Let’s take a closer look at some of the top-of-the-line features of this brand.

Composite Frame System

A relatively new option on the market, composite door frames have all the strength and convenience of a wood door frame, without the durability concerns. While wood door frames are susceptible to damage from moisture and insects, Wincore’s composite door frames won’t rot or deteriorate over time. 

Since composite door frames don’t absorb moisture, you won’t have to worry about them splintering over time, so your door will look great for years to come, no matter what our Indiana weather brings. 

SHIELD® Technology

Another thing that helps set Wincore apart from other exterior door brands is the company’s exclusive SHIELD® Technology. A standard feature on all Wincore fiberglass entry doors, this offers six-side protection with a fiberglass skin on the interior and exterior of the door. 

This helps to prevent moisture absorption, which is a problem that plagues other types of doors. While many other door brands feature wood rails and stiles, Wincore’s fiberglass entry doors have composite rails and stiles, so warping and rotting is never a concern. 

Door Installation Style Options

When choosing a new front door for your home, it’s important to choose something that complements the rest of your exterior and reflects your personal style. Wincore provides plenty of customization options, making it easier than ever to pick the perfect door for your home. 

Decorative Glass

If you want to add extra light to your home, choosing a front door with decorative glass is a great way to do it. Wincore has more than a dozen decorative glass designs in different shapes and patterns so the only real limit is your imagination. 

VIBE Collection

Do you have a mid-century style home? Wincore has the perfect option for your front door with its VIBE collection. Inspired by beautiful mid-century architecture, these modern door options are available in smooth or woodgrain textures and feature glass options in an array of different shapes. 

For an extra element of design, you can choose an eye-popping Sherwin Williams paint color for your door. Just tell us the swatch number and your front door can be virtually any color you want.

Why Choose Aztec Homes?

We know that choosing the right exterior doors isn’t always an easy decision. Our goal as your local home contractor is to make every step of the door replacement process easier for you. From your initial consultation with our experts to the installation day and final inspection, you can count on us to be a trusted resource that will help you make the best decisions for your home. 

If you would like an alternative door, we also offer ProVia and Andersen. Best of all, we offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options so you can upgrade your home for the right price. 

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FAQs About Wincore Doors

Do Wincore Doors come with a warranty?

Yes! Wincore offers a lifetime warranty for rot, decay, and insects on its composite door frames as well as a lifetime limited transferable warranty on its fiberglass door products. 

Are Wincore doors considered an energy-efficient option?

Yes, Wincore is an ENERGY STAR partner, meaning that the company creates energy-efficient doors that are tested and certified to meet specific ENERGY STAR guidelines for performance. This helps to ensure that you’re making a smart energy choice for your home by choosing Wincore doors.


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