Why Do I Need My Siding Replaced in Indianapolis?

Dark blue james hardie siding installed after learning why you need you siding replaced in Indianapolis, Indiana

Unless your exterior is very visibly damaged, you might be tempted to put off your siding replacement project for as long as possible. But, the fact is that there are several reasons you might want to get your siding replaced in Indianapolis sooner rather than later. Below, you’ll learn more about why you should think about scheduling your siding replacement in the coming months. 

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You Want to Improve Your Home’s Appearance

When you want to give your home’s exterior a complete refresh, the best way to do it is by updating your siding. When you choose a replacement material like James Hardie siding, you’ll have access to a wide variety of style options so you can create a thoughtfully designed exterior that matches your desired aesthetic. 

Not only will your exterior instantly look more beautiful with new siding, but it will continue to look great because James Hardie siding is resistant to fading from UV exposure. 

dark blue james hardie replacement siding

You Want Better Protection From the Elements

When your siding is several decades old, it can no longer offer adequate protection against the weather extremes we experience in Indianapolis. By replacing your siding with a durable material, you can have peace of mind that your home will be better protected during rain, snow, high winds, and other weather events. 

James Hardie fiber cement board siding, in particular, is specifically made for our climate zone, making it one of the best siding replacement options on the market. 

You Want to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Does it feel like your energy bills are out of control? While there are a lot of factors that impact how much you spend on electricity, one of them is your siding. The older your exterior is, the less efficient it is, so the outside temperature has more of an impact on what it feels like inside your home. 

As a result, your heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, leading to higher bills. When you get new energy efficient siding, it will naturally have more insulation and our installers can put in additional insulation for maximum efficiency, if you choose. 

You Want to Prevent Future Exterior Issues

When you hire Aztec Homes to replace your siding, our installers will inspect the area beneath your siding to check for signs of any issues. If we notice mold, rot, or water damage beneath your exterior, we’ll fix the problems so they don’t lead to further damage down the road. 

It’s important to learn when to replace your siding as it can help you save money in the future by preventing a potential disaster. 

You Want to Increase Your Home Value

If you have plans to sell your home soon, make sure you get the best possible offer by installing new siding before you list your house. Fiber cement siding, like James Hardie siding, has an average ROI of 67%, and it appeals to many prospective homebuyers because it’s durable and aesthetically beautiful. 

Aztec homes worker installing a roof replacement

You Want to Spend Less Time Maintaining Your Siding

Depending on what kind of siding you currently have on your home, you might have to spend your free time on the weekends taking care of it. From repainting it every few years to repairing areas of damage and recaulking it, all of these maintenance tasks add up. 

A low-maintenance replacement siding like James Hardie is easy to take care of with very little effort, so you have more time back in your schedule. 

You Want to Protect the Structural Integrity of Your Home

As your siding gets older, water intrusion becomes a bigger possibility. When this happens, it can eventually cause your wood framing to rot, impacting the overall structural integrity of your home. 

You can help keep your home protected from this kind of damage by installing new siding designed to keep out moisture that will eventually lead to more serious problems. 

Get Your Siding Replaced in Indianapolis With Aztec Homes

Now that you know more about some of the reasons you might want to get your siding replaced in Indianapolis sooner rather than later, it’s time to start planning your project. The next step is to reach out to our team to get more information and request a free siding replacement estimate. To do that, you can call us at 317-769-3237 or contact us online today.

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