How Does the Siding Process Work?

A home with new green siding after learning how the siding process works

Does the idea of planning a siding replacement make you feel overwhelmed? If your answer is yes, that’s completely understandable! We find that when our customers are prepared for the process, they find the whole experience to be less stressful. So, how does the siding process work? We’ve outlined it for you so you can […]

What Siding Is Best for Your Home in Carmel, IN?

Blue James Hardie siding on a home in Carmel, IN

When you decide to replace your siding, one of the most important things to consider is climate. After all, the best type of siding for Arizona’s dry weather is different from the best type of siding in the wet areas of the Pacific Northwest. So, what is the best siding in Carmel, IN, for our […]

Why Do I Need My Siding Replaced in Indianapolis?

Dark blue james hardie siding installed after learning why you need you siding replaced in Indianapolis, Indiana

Unless your exterior is very visibly damaged, you might be tempted to put off your siding replacement project for as long as possible. But, the fact is that there are several reasons you might want to get your siding replaced in Indianapolis sooner rather than later. Below, you’ll learn more about why you should think […]

When Should You Replace Your James Hardie Siding?

Our Team Will Replace Your James Hardie Siding on your home

One of the many reasons that James Hardie siding is so popular with local homeowners in the Indianapolis area is because it’s extremely durable and long-lasting. However, that doesn’t mean that you will never have to tend to it.  How can you tell if it’s time to replace James Hardie siding? You’ve come to the […]

Is It Worth Getting James Hardie Siding in Indianapolis, IN?

Is it worth getting James Hardie siding in Indianapolis, Indiana or should you get a different material?

When you need to replace your home’s siding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process is which siding material to use. If you are wondering “is it worth getting James Hardie Siding?” we got you covered. We experience a wide range of weather extremes here in the Hoosier State, so you […]

What Is the Best Siding for an Indianapolis, IN House?

Best siding for a house with arctic white hardie trim board

Spring and summer are popular for homeowners to start planning their exterior remodeling projects. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your siding in the next few months, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which siding material to install. So, what is the best siding for a house? The Aztec Homes team […]

How Long Does Hardie Board Last?

New gray james hardie siding

When you’re planning a siding replacement project, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which material to use. James Hardie siding, a fiber cement material, is one of the most popular options for Indianapolis-area homeowners. But, how long does James Hardie siding last? Is it a good investment for your home? We’re here […]