Is It Worth Getting James Hardie Siding in Indianapolis, IN?

Is it worth getting James Hardie siding in Indianapolis, Indiana or should you get a different material?

When you need to replace your home’s siding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process is which siding material to use. If you are wondering “is it worth getting James Hardie Siding?” we got you covered. We experience a wide range of weather extremes here in the Hoosier State, so you need to make sure that the material you choose is capable of withstanding even the worst storms. When working with local homeowners, we often recommend installing James Hardie siding in Indianapolis. 

You can learn more about why we think this is one of the best materials around below. If you’d like to talk directly to our team about your why you need siding replacement, please feel free to call us at 317-769-3237 or contact us online

James Hardie Siding in Indianapolis: The HardieZone® System

One of the many reasons we recommend James Hardie siding to local homeowners is that the manufacturer understands that climates vary throughout the country and designs its products accordingly. 

James Hardie siding has created The HardieZone® System, based on the following climate variables that most affect the lifespan of residential siding: 

  • Hail
  • Humidity
  • Hurricanes
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Temperature ranges
  • Topographical factors
  • UV exposure

From there, they divided the country into two distinct zones: HZ5® and HZ10®. HZ5® is designed for cold-weather climates while HZ10® is made for hot and humid areas. 

What Sets HZ5® Siding Apart?

Not surprisingly, here in Indianapolis, we fall in the HZ5® zone. That means we install James Hardie HZ5® products on our customers’ homes. Why is this so important? HZ5® siding is specifically designed to withstand even the harshest weather extremes like rain, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. 

Other siding materials often absorb water, which then freezes when the temperature drops. This can lead to cracks in the siding. HZ5® siding, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb water, making it a more durable option for homeowners throughout Indianapolis. 

Other Benefits of James Hardie Siding

Beyond The HardieZone® System, there are plenty of other reasons to love James Hardie siding. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of choosing this material for your siding replacement project. 

It’s a Cost-Effective Option

When you’re planning a siding replacement, budget is probably at the top of your mind. While the upfront cost of James Hardie siding can be a bit higher compared to other siding materials, it can actually help you save money in the long run. 

Since James Hardie siding is designed to last longer than other siding materials, you likely won’t have to spend as much on maintenance or repairs over the life of the siding, making it a cost-effective option. 

It’s Resistant to Fires and Pests

A fire at your home is one of the worst-case scenarios. Fortunately, James Hardie siding is made from a non-combustible material so it won’t contribute fuel in the event of a fire. 

Along those same lines, James Hardie siding is resistant to damage from pests that plague other siding materials. This means that boring insects like termites can’t make their way into your siding and cause damage. 

It’s a Low-Maintenance Option

When you’re choosing the best siding for your home, one thing to consider is how much maintenance it requires. Our customers here in Indianapolis love that James Hardie siding is a low-maintenance option, especially compared to other materials. 

To keep it looking great for years, all you need to do is gently wash it with a garden hose a few times per year. 

It Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

Since James Hardie siding is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures, you can create a design that matches virtually any aesthetic. Regardless of which options you choose, James Hardie siding is a classic look that’s designed to look great for decades. 

The result is an instant boost in curb appeal and, in many cases, your home value will increase as well. 

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